Binty Bint's 'I Love To Paint' School Tour

Binty Bint is currently planning a UK wide Painting Tour where she will head into each UK county and brighten up school playgrounds with her crazy chickens, positive messages all combined with basic educational messages. With two schools already under her belt and a third already scheduled this is likely to become the first tour of its kind where an 'outlaw' is incorparated into positive society.

The Head Teacher at a local school in Hertfordshire told us
"Because of the way that schools built, it's often the case that school buildings are built wing by wing over a period of years. This type of gradual creation makes school layouts untidy and always mismatched colour wise". Binty Bint murals and artworks pull the whole thing together beautifully whilst also allowing learning opporttunies for the children in the playground.
Binty Bint is one of the most liked and talked about graffiti girls in Europe. Her candy coloured chickens, sunny side eggs, striking patterns and assorted multi-coloured creatures are attracting thousands of fans from places as far afield as Mexico, Brasil, Japan, the entire of Europe, New York, San Francisco, Austin, Texas and of course the UK too.

Unapologetic, irreverent and lots of fun, Binty Bint stands apart from the Serious Street Art scene, instead choosing to lighten up a grey concrete world with her cheerful statements and captivating designs.

Binty Bint is attracting a lot of attention too. She is being asked by school Headteachers to liven up playground walls. Retailers are asking where they can buy Bint branded products.

Binty Bint's artwork is instantly identifiable and she is fast becoming one biggest names in the street art world; a seriously fun brand with a not so serious attitude. Binty Bint makes people smile.
Binty Bint has designed iconic livery for Londons famous fleet of Foxtons cars. With over 1000 custom designed Minis this could be Binty Bints biggest art job to date.

Foxtons are Londons's biggest and most successful Real Estate Agents and much like Binty Bint they embrace change, are constantly challenging tradition and continually excel at standing out in their respective field.

The Binty Bint Mini's modern and stylish look is the ideal complement to the Foxtons brand, with its classic design, British roots and sense of fun.

Since their launch in 2001, the Foxtons fleet of branded Minis have become iconic in London's culture.
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